Let us begin to lay a solid foundation for a prosperous Nigeria

It is an open secret that the creation of Nigeria by the British Government was mainly for their interest. But be it as it may, something will always make something to happen; and I think, that the so-called creation could have become the best thing that happened to the entire populace that made up Nigeria if we had done the right things from the onset.

Each of the regions that made up Nigeria is blessed with resources that can make them great nations. But coming together as an entity has the potential of making Nigeria far greater than each of the regions as separate nations combined together.

The key challenge was that the federating units did not plan together before the amalgamation to define what to expect from the marriage.

And, for the federating units to still remain together, despite all that had happened or that is still happening; means that we can actually as Nigerians be enjoying this nation called Nigeria if those saddled with the responsibility of running the affairs of Nigeria will retrieve their steps and start laying a solid foundation for a prosperous nation that the citizens will be proud of.

I think Nigerian leaders especially the legislatures should enact laws that will strengthen Nigeria as a nation while putting its diversities into consideration.

For instance, each federating units should be allowed to harness whatever resources God has blessed them with and pay tax to the central government. I believe this arrangement may deliver more resources to the Federal Government… And there are a whole lot of diverse demands from the federating units that the National Assembly has to consider and selflessly address them.

There should be accountability on the implementation of budgets by the executive. Every amount spent by the executives should be accounted for in full. The welfare of the people should be paramount in the budget process.

The Judiciary should be fair to all.

The citizens should begin to pay accurate taxes, dues, licenses, etc without being forced by the government to do so. And, the citizens should be able to determine who their leaders should be.

These are just my thoughts; go ahead and contribute.

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  1. Christian says:

    I agreed with you. I think we are better off as a nation than going our separate ways.All we need is to be true to ourselves. I encourage the youths not to be used to perpetrate evil by any of our bad leaders. And we should vote for those we think that can deliver this nation from backwardness and set it on the path of progress

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