Nigeria needs a Wealth Creator and Sustainer as a President

All the while, we have had great leaders that have led Nigeria since after independence till the present Administration. They may have had good intentions for the nation, for none will seek for the exalted position of a President without good intention for the nation. But, with all their good intentions; none has been able to deliver Nigeria from poor governance.

What will usher Nigeria into the type of country all has been yearning for is the kind of personality that occupies the presidential seat. It is no secret that Nigeria has all the resources that can make it the best country anyone can think of. Some of these resources include:

  1. Great human resources – I consider Nigerians best in the world in terms of quality.
  2. Natural resources – We have them in commercial quantities – Oil & Gas, limestone, marble, good sunlight, fresh water, good soil, gem, gold, iron ore, etc.
  3. Good climate – We are not prone to major natural disasters.

Leadership of every nation is responsible for the generation of enough wealth that will be equitably distributed among the citizens of that nation. And, it is the sole responsibility of the head of that leadership to ensure good governance during his or her tenure.

In life generally, there are people that have the ‘grace’ for creating and sustaining wealth; and I am not forgetting that there are also ‘graces’ for other things. When someone who does not have this ‘grace’ for creating and sustaining wealth is the head of leadership of any nation; there may be challenging times for the economy of that nation as all the resources will not be well harnessed. That leader without   the ‘grace’ for creating and sustaining wealth may know what to do; but, will not be able to do it or achieve a desired result.

When a wealth creator and sustainer is in charge of the affairs of any nation, that nation will surely be harnessing its resources for the benefit of the citizens. This wealth creator and sustainer kind of a leader will see opportunities in all the sectors of the economy and ensures that his or her team members take advantage of those opportunities for wealth creation and distribution.  He or she has ‘natural’ wisdom for good leadership and assures that the majority of the citizens of that nation are happy.  And, when more wealth is being created in all sectors of the economy; wealth will begin to go round for the betterment of all in terms of good health care delivery, employment opportunities, quality education, good roads, security of lives and properties, etc.

Which of the presidential candidates for Nigerian 2019 elections do you think that fit into this position?

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