The Site Owner

GOODGOVERNANCE.COM.NG is actually owned by all the users. But for the sake of accountability Aham Onyemachi is the Site Owner.

Aham Onyemachi is a Nigerian that strongly believes that Nigeria and Nigerians have no reason being poor.

He believes that Nigeria will begin to get better if each citizen begin to trail the part of integrity and he is of the opinion that integrity should be rewarded more than skills, experience, etc in the private and public sectors of the economy.

He is of the opinion that wisdom always comes from being open to new information and ideas, and that propels him to always learn something new and pick up a new idea each day that passes.

He makes it a duty everyday to read as much as he could, mostly about business management, investing and personal developments, knowing fully well that continuing education allows him maintain an edge and to be always relevant in today’s changing business world.

He is happily married to Joyce